Artisan concrete is a dirty business, and that's exactly why I love it. I've been getting my hands grubby with it ever since 2006.

Where Artisan Concrete Began -   I grew up in Tripp, SD and attended college at NSU in Aberdeen with general studies. I transferred to SDSU in 2002 for Electrical Engineering and during college I was fascinated by how things work. I was introduced to decorative concrete in 2006 by my brother when he saw concrete countertops at the world of concrete show in Vegas. We then made our first countertops for few a friends and also for the spec house I was working on. I stayed working as a Journeyman electrician for 7 more years doing a concrete project here and there. In March of 2013, in my brothers garage, we were working on a counter for a friend. I was filling up my coffee and realized, at that point, how enjoyable crafting unique concrete pieces can be! That cold March day was the beginning of my journey in concrete as a profession. My family and I moved to Scotland, Sd.  I began by reading, studying, experimenting, and figuring out how to make the most amazing concrete possible. In my father-in-laws shop I began Artisan Concrete Concepts and with in 5 years outgrew the space. Now here I am in Volga, SD, along with my wife Amber, who came on board with ACC in 2018, together we built our family shop.  I am sharing my story of how it all started, still trying to learn as much as I can to aid in my survival of living the dream, pushing as many boundaries as I can find, and hoping you think our work is amazing.

 ByChad Guthmiller

Artisan Concrete Concepts    

My Short Biography

 Inspiration -  There are many influences in my work, like Buddy Rhodes, Fu Tung Cheng, Bob Harris, Jeff Girard, Jake Brady, Cody Carpenter, Mark Celebuski, and Mickey Harris. Each of them having their own unique style. As for me, I am most influence by my clients. I tell them I’m just the artisan and they are the artists. What look they are going for is up to them. My job is to put it all together for them. I love to build things and what I love the most about building concrete is how it challenges me to use all my knowledge to deliver that WOW factor to my clients.